I think about her often.  CS sits behind me in French class.

A brisk spring morning just last year, I remember a precious elderly lady coming to my family’s yard sale.  She began quite the chatter with my mother and when I came outside, she started talking to me as well.  The lady opened up to us about her granddaughter, who had lost her mother to disease and was taken away from her alcoholic father.  She told us how proud she was to have a daughter with such academic talent, yet worried whether she’d be able to financially support a post-secondary education.

Upon further discussion, it was established that the granddaughter and I went to the same school.  What’s more, we were in the same grade.  CS.  It is so odd to me that I went many years knowing this girl, without having a clue of her home life.  Makes you wonder how many other people you truly know nothing about.

Every day in French class, CS is happy and outgoing.  I tell few people this story because I wouldn’t ever want to embarrass her – especially since she doesn’t know I know.  My mother gave her grandmother the yard sale items for free.


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