Obviously, none of this went as planned.  The whole high school thing turned out sucking big time.  Sometimes, that makes me sad.  But mostly, it just makes me very very excited for everything that has yet to come.

I won’t ever understand why my friend group had to fall apart, or why I feel as though I absolutely can’t go to my prom.  Probably because everyone here is so unbearably judgmental.  They have made my flaws a subject of conversation, without making any effort to understand what I’m going through.  Some of these people whom, used to be my closest friends.

Maybe none of this would’ve happened if I’d have associated myself with people more like me; instead of those who are so involved with partying and sex.  My so-called “friends” make me feel misunderstood, like a nuisance and no fun.

I guess it’s too late for anything now.  All of these should’ve’s and would’ve’s, do me no good.  I hate this place with my entire being and can not wait to move onto something bigger, better and with people who share the same core values as I.


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